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  • CADTrac 1500

    CADTrac 1500

    After numerous requests CADplans has developed CADTrac, the articulated, 4 wheel drive, multipurpose tractor you can build using a welder, bandsaw, drill press, torch, common hand tools and commonly a...
  • CADDigger Model 821

    CADDigger Model 821

    MODEL 821
    After many customers requested a machine capable of digging 9 feet, CADplans has developed the CADDigger Model 821. The machine is a completely new design, not just a scaled up versio...
  • CADLoader LT Model 507

    CADLoader LT Model 507


    Loading Height
    50 in.
    Hydraulic Pressure
    700 psi

    Lifting power...
  • CADDigger Model 650

    CADDigger Model 650


    Hydraulic Stabilizers
    Weight (approx.)
    550 lbs.
  • CADLoader Model 907

    CADLoader Model 907

    MODEL 907
    Sized for Mini-Diesel tractors and "Super Garden Tractors". 1,000 Pound Machine Weight.     

  • CADDigger Model 728

    CADDigger Model 728


    Width with Stabilizers
    84 in.
    Weight (approx.)
    700 lbs.
    Digging Depth, Limited L...
  • CADPull, Model 302

    CADPull, Model 302

    CADplans has recently developed CADPull, an attachment that can be connected to the hitch of your pickup, sport utility or antique tractor so you can use 3PT hitch attachments. With CADPull, you can p...
  • CADDigger Model 608

    CADDigger Model 608

    MODEL 608
    3-Point Hitch for CAD I mini-diesel and larger tractors

    CADPlans has developed model 608, 610 and 628 sized to fit the numerous request...
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Meet John Mikulas

John Mikulas is the chief engineer who develops CADplans products, and it is his job to make available the plans for the machines our customers request. John has been engineering equipment for 20 years and the new products we have recently introduced are by far the most exciting we have been associated with.

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What's Included

To keep your costs down, CADplans only sells the plans which include:

   • the instructions
   • photos
   • material lists
   • plans
   • video (most products)

Material Kits

Price lists are included with the plans for all the parts you need from vendors CADplans has found for you. You will be buying the materials directly from the other vendor, or locally.

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